Rug Cleaning in Westchester

In many cases, rugs are an investment for our clients. And almost always, our clients love their rugs. This is why we want to assure you that here at Rug Repair And Restoration Westchester, we clean your rugs just like we would clean our own rugs. We realize you want the best care. And you definitely don't want your rugs to be damaged by the cleaning procedure. Beware that many other companies don't care about this at all. You can confidently call us at 914-888-1286 to find out more about how we do things!

Our rug cleaning in Westchester is reliable, effective and safe. Your rugs will be spotless and will smell amazing. We are the absolute best in the city when it comes to Persian rug cleaning, area rug cleaning, Oriental rug cleaning, and commercial rug cleaning. Our professional cleaning services are renowned in the state. Just read some of our amazing reviews. They've been left by real people who have used rug cleaning and carpet cleaning services.

All Rugs Are Hand-washed

Using industrial washing machines may be the quick way to clean a rug or a carpet, but it's not the safest way. These machines damage the fabric and the colors. And one needs to use powerful cleaning products to get all the stains and spots out of rugs. This is not the way we do it here at Rug Repair And Restoration Westchester.

All the rugs and carpets we receive from our clients are washed by hand by our skilled cleaners. Also, it's worth noting that we test each item we receive and choose the right procedure and the right cleaning products for each job. This is why we never damage our clients' rugs and carpets.

Certified Rug Cleaning Experts

We do the best rug cleaning in Westchester. But it's not the cleaning products or the hand-washing techniques that have earned us our amazing reputation. It's our certified rug cleaning experts. They are a vital part of our team and their skills are what transforms a filthy, stained area rug into a breathtaking rug in just a couple of hours. Our experienced cleaners are the core of our business.


Rug Cleaning Benefits – Rug Repair And Restoration Westchester

Why would you choose Rug Repair And Restoration Westchester? What makes us the best rug cleaning company in Westchester? Good question! The answer is pretty long, so we will just show you some of the main benefits of doing business with our company and with our experienced rug cleaners:

You don't have to worry about damage

We clean any type of rug

We remove the most difficult stains

All allergens are removed

We extend your rug's life

All bacteria is removed

Affordable rug cleaning in Westchester

Through inspection procedure

Industry leading quality control

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Your Rugs Are Safe With Us

We know how much you value and cherish your rugs and carpets. We also know that you don't want anything to happen to them. This is why we guarantee that your items will not be damaged in any way, shape or form while they are in our care. Remember, our professionals and bonded and insured!

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Rug cleaning is what we do. Join the thousands of happy customers in Westchester and call Rug Repair And Restoration Westchester today: 914-888-1286. We'll hand-wash your rugs and carpets in no time.