Rug Repair & Restoration in Westchester

Rugs can be very valuable. They're beautiful and their owners are in most cases very attached to them. However, it should come as no surprise that rugs and carpets will deteriorate over time. Here at Rug Repair And Restoration Westchester, you can get the best rug repair and rug restoration services in Westchester. And truth be told, it doesn't even take us long to repair your rugs. We can help you with minor and major restoration work right now (free pickup and delivery, of course). Call us today: 914-888-1286 !

Remember, the quality of the repairs and restorations depends largely on the experience and skills of the professional doing the work. Our rug repair experts have extensive experienced and industry knowledge. Every job will be done perfectly – just read our reviews!

Competitively-Priced Rug Restoration and Repair in Westchester

We know prices are important. In many cases, people are scared of the price tag, so they don't get their valuable rugs and carpets repaired and restored. The poor items deteriorate over time until repairs become impossible. Don't risk losing your rug and bring it to us. Our rates are very competitive. In fact, we are a locally owned and operated company and we strive to keep our prices as low as possible. We actually do care about you and about your rugs and carpets.

We Provide Comprehensive Rug Repairs and Restorations

There are many things we can do for your rug in addition to washing and cleaning it. Our experts can do all sorts of repairs and restoration procedures to bring your rug or carpet back to life. Below, you will find some of our most popular repair and restoration services.

Our exceptional rug repair services include:



Rippling and buckling

Fringe attachment

Patching tears, small holes and rips

Edge fraying


Fuzzing and shredding

And many more

You can count on our professionals for any of the following rug restoration services:

Fade correction

Fringe detailing

Fringe replacement

Coloring services

Water or fire damage

Hem stitching

Large holes and tears

Moth damage


And many more


We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

You are probably worried that we won't be able to repair your rug or carpet. However, we want to assure you that here at Rug Repair And Restoration Westchester, we keep our promises. You will be told exactly what we can and can't repair while our expert inspects your items. Don't worry; we can repair almost any damage and can restore almost any rug. We guarantee that you will get the best rug repair and rug restoration services in Westchester.

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